$1,995.00 $599.97

Gates of Gotham University


Filing and Launching Your Corporation

  • Researching Your Name
  • Secretary of State
  • Corporate Kit
  • Filing Your EIN
  • Business Phone Number Setup
  • 411 Listing
  • Business Email
  • Virtual Office Setup
  1. Getting Your Finances in Order
    • Co-Mingling Funds
    • Opening Your Business Bank Account
    • Quickbooks Setup
    • Payroll
    • Vendor Credit with No PG
  2. Establishing Virtual Store Front (need welcome video)
    • Hiring a Graphic Artist for $5
    • Print Advertising -Business Cards via Vista Print (promo code)
    • Domain Name/Wordpress
    • Google Business Setup
    • Bing Business
    • Apple Maps
    • Citations
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
  3. Mastering Copy
    • Do Your Homework
    • Positioning
    • Content Marketing
    • Direct Response
    • B2B Branding
  4. Customer Management & Acquisition
    • E-Commerce
    • Getting Paid- Payment Gateway
    • ACRS – Automated Customer Response System (mailchimp)
    • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
    • CYCA – Capturing Your Customers Attention
  5. Ninja SEO and Adwords Training 101
    • Purchasing Time
    • Google Adwords
    • Facebook Ad Campaigns
    • Instagram Ads
    • Driving Traffic with GoGanic


  1. Branding Welcome
    • Becoming Likable
    • The Ambassadors – How to hire and manage brand ambassadors
    • Learn how students of Gates of Gotham University can get access to celebrity product branding.
  2. Getting Funded
    • Corporate Leasing
    • Personal Credit Eval
    • FICO Enhancement
    • Business Credit Eval and Setup
    • What Is a Personal Guarantor?
    • Secured Business Loans
    • Unsecure Business Lines of Credit
    • Funding to Buy A Business or Building
    • Fund It – Gates of Gotham University Funding (upsell to artificial financing course or consultation)
  3. The Credit Leverage System $99 plus $19.95 per month
    • The 30% Rule
    • Leveraging Your Finances
    • Building a Conglomerate


Finance Consultant Career 11-Day Course $19.95 to start and $49.95 GOG membership per month


Day 1 Welcome Overview- What is a Business Finance Consultant

Day 1 How to Evaluate the Need

Day 2 Underwriting- What are Underwriters Looking for? How to evaluate Business Credit Worthiness

Day 2 Personal Guarantor – What is a Personal Guarantor

Day 2 How to evaluate a Personal Guarantor

Day 3 BLOC-Business Line of Credit

Day 4 Bridge Funding for Real Estate Acquisitions

Day 5 Bridge Funding for Business Acquisitions

Day 6 Equipment Financing

Day 7 Accounts Receivable Financing

Day 8 Mindset – The Wealth Switch

Day 8 Sales (Pitch Anything/ Go For No)

Day 9 Outbound Sales

Day 10 Hard Numbers- how many consultations does it take for me to reach my goals from Module #1?

Day 11 (Access to recorded consultations of closing deals)


Dark Knight Financing (Done for you Software/Training) $1,995.00 and $49.99 per month regular price $4,995.00


System to be built includes an initial questionnaire where they enter their business and personal information.  It then creates the modules they will need to get funded according to the info they provide.  The system then provides automated results of the things they will need to purchase at cost.


  1. Welcome Overview- Preparing for funding (software will take application and determine if applicant is credit worthy.)
  2. Credit Repair – (system allows clients to dispute and create automated letters to print and send to bureaus. Walks clients through next steps based on the letter responses) If the credit is good but limited advance to FICO Enhancement if the credit is bad repair and request guarantor or skip if not available.
  3. FICO Enhancement – direct login to AU source
  4. Corporate Credit Setup –
  5. Readiness Check
  6. Funding Submission – (build a bot to enter the customer’s information into the bank forms)
  7. Approval Results


Bonus Modules:.

  • Covert 7 figure marketing mail strategy
  • Bonus Documents
  • War Map
  • Designing Your Dream Life Worksheet
  • Daily Affirmations
  • Free E-Books
    1. Good To Great
  • Science of Getting Rich
  • Think & Grow Rich
  1. Gotham Library
  2. Money Master The Game
  3. Pitch Anything
  • How to Become A Billionaire
  1. Go for No

Gates of Gotham University – Small Business Life Hack 9 weeks to Success Course Full Course includes Business & Real Estate Module.  Pre-launch Price $599.97 and $49.99 recurring monthly charge.

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